5 Essential Travel Accessories For Europe

Don’t leave home without these essential travel accessories for Europe! Each one of these travel accessories will help make your life easier, whether you are backpacking for 6 months, or taking a weekend break in a European capital. None of them break the bank. All of them are incredibly useful. Find out more about which travel accessories you should have as you travel around Europe.

 Essential Travel Accessories for Europe. Pro tips on what 5 things you should never travel without in Europe.
Essential Travel Accessories for Europe

After having spent years travelling through Europe, I have come to realise that there are a few essential travel accessories that accompany me on every trip. These accessories and items of travel gear help make my life on the road a little bit easier. Think of them as essentials which help to smooth out the rough edges of travel! None of them are expensive, all of them come in useful on a daily basis. So, whether you are taking a weekend break in Athens, or planning an inter-rail journey through Europe, you might consider packing some of the following travel gear in your bags.

1. A Power Adapter


MOCREO® Two USB Ports Universal World Wide All-in-one Safety Travel Charger Wall Charger Adapter Plug Built-in 2.1A Dual USB Ports For Home Use-Safety Fuse Protection (Black) via Amazon.

The electrical plug sockets in Europe differ from the ones in the USA and the UK. (Apparently there are 15 different types of electrical socket throughout the world!). In order to get your electronic devices to work in Europe, you will need an electrical adapter. My suggestion, is to get one similar to the adapter pictured above. Not only does it work in a variety of countries around the world, but it also has two USB charging ports. This means that you can charge your laptop, phone, and camera all at the same time. An electrical adapter is an essential travel accessory for anyone visiting Europe.

Important Note For Visitors from the USA – Most power adapters function only as adapters – They do not convert voltage. Whilst most appliances in the USA will conform to European standards, items such as hair-dryers sometimes do not. Check the voltage rating on your electronic device before purchasing an adapter, as you may also need a voltage converter.

2. Toilet Paper

In some European countries, the concept of public toilets is a novelty. For example, I live in Athens, and I know of only three! Where they do exist, you may need to pay for them. Of course, cafes and bars always have toilets you can use. This doesn’t mean they will have any paper in them though! Always make sure that you carry toilet paper on you, even if it is just a few sheets for the day. Pro-Tip – carry sheets of toilet paper in a plastic ziploc bag.

3. Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman with Free Pouch via Amazon

The Swiss Army knife is the original multi-tool, and a must have accessory for travel in Europe. It’s range of tools makes it useful in a number of circumstances. For me, the corkscrew,  bottle opener, can opener, and scissors see the most use – In that order!

Note – Remember not to pack this in your carry on luggage!

4. Money Belt 

Eagle Creek Travel Gear All Terrain Money Belt (Black) via Amazon

Money belts are not just essential travel accessories for Europe, but can be useful on a day to day basis. There are two styles of money belt. The first is the most popular. This type of belt wraps around the body, and fits underneath your clothes. These can be useful for storing cash, as well as valuable documents such as passports. The second type, is a belt, with a zip on the inside. Whilst this style of money belt can not store as much cash, it is far more discreet. I prefer using this style of money belt for travel.

5. Lonely Planet Europe

Lonely Planet Europe (Travel Guide)

 As long as you use the Lonely Planet as a point of reference rather than a guide, the Europe book is a great resource. There are various different ones focusing on Europe, so choose the book which reflects your needs. The one pictured above is the most general purpose, and is also available in a Kindle format. It is useful for picking up a few local phrases, the well researched city maps, and general information concerning destinations. I tend to stay away from the accommodation recommendations, as they are normally more expensive than the average, and rarely live up to the hype.

Don't leave home without these essential travel accessories for Europe! Each one of these travel accessories will help make your life easier, whether you are backpacking for 6 months, or taking a weekend break in a European capital.

And so there we have it. The 5 essential travel accessories for Europe. Do you have any suggestions to make, and is there a travel accessory you take on trips you would like to share with us? Please leave you travel accessory tips below.



  1. I have the power adapter you mention in the beginning. I can really recommend that one. It makes your life sooo much easier 🙂

  2. Hi Dave
    We agree with the 5. As a bookworm, Jenny would be lost without her Kindle. As a tea drinker, her travel kettle is a must! I’m no tech wizard but love my Garmin Edge 810, GoPro Hero and our KS Cube Bluetooth speaker for music. Oh, and a Anker power pack. You can tell we don’t travel light. Eviva!

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