Syria has been in the news throughout 2012 and now 2013 for all the wrong reasons. Civil war is ripping Syria apart, whilst its people are divided between those still loyal to the crumbling regime, and those fighting for change. Syrians are dying in their tens of thousands, and the rest of the world is sitting on the sidelines doing nothing about it, apart from circling like vultures as they wait to see who they can buy the oil from.

Syria today is certainly a lot different than when I cycled through it in 2006 as part of my overland trip of cycling from England to South Africa! During my time in the country, I experienced overwhelmingly friendly people, an interesting culture and a fascinating past. More than once, I was invited into peoples houses to stay the night, and cycling through Syria was a real highlight of my trip. In fact, I rate Syria as one of the friendliest countries I have cycled through!

My one regret about cycling through Syria, is that I did not take more photos. I barely have more than half a dozen decent pictures, and the ones below barely do the experience justice.

I can only hope the remarkable ancient archaeological site of Palmyra has remained untouched.
Bagdad Cafe Syria
The Bagdad Cafe – In the middle of nowhere in Syria, I was invited to stay the night here.


My time spent cycling through Syria is split over two travel blog entries –

Cycling from Antakya to Damascus 

Cycling from Damascus to Petra

I hope to return one day when things have settled down, and once more enjoy the experience of cycling through Syria.

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