Virtual Bike Ride to India – Week 2

As you may know, I am training for my next cycling tour around the world by putting any kilometres I cycle in a week towards a virtual bike ride to India. The hope is, that by the time I come to leave on my next bicycle tour, I will have reached Delhi. However, going by this weeks dismal performance, I am not sure how likely that will be! Anyhow, here is how this weeks training and virtual bike ride to India panned out.


Thursday 07 November – Another 20kms cranked out on the bike, which is permanently attached to my turbo trainer in my living room! This would have taken me to a little place called Hastingwood


Friday 08 November – No training tonight, as I needed to get my gear and also myself ready for a weekend away in Brighton with the guys from work.


Saturday 09 November – No training all day, unless you count dancing in a nightclub until 3 in the morning training!?


bike ride
Sunday 10 November – This day was a complete write off. Drink is evil!


Monday 11 November – I had a lot of catching up to do at home, so couldn’t spare the time to train. Working full time, running a house and keeping a travel blog takes a lot of time up!


Tuesday 12 November – No more excuses, and I was back on the bike for another 20kms – Yay me! This would have put me near Ilford.


Wednesday 13 November – I finished the week off with another 20kms on the bike.This would have placed me at around Lewisham, and worryingly, I still wouldn’t have made it out of the UK yet!!


That makes it a total of just 60kms for the week, I really need to get my act together if I am going to complete my virtual bike ride to India in a year!


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  1. Came by to check how far you’ve gone.. 🙂 And those were way too many excuses! thought you would never train again. But am glad you finally went back to it on day 4. Will keep on following and be a joyrider to India…..

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