Virtual Bike Ride to India – Week 3

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Many apologies for the lateness of this Virtual Bike Ride to India update, but it’s been a busy week. With having a responsible full time job, looking after a house, running several websites, cycling training and a busy social life, it can be sometimes hard to spare an hour or so to write articles. Still, I have gotten around to it at last!

Thursday 14th November – 20 kms on the turbo trainer at night. I am gradually increasing my average speed so that now it hovers around the 30kmph mark. I realise that this may not seem much to hardened road cyclists, but I am built for comfort, not for speed!

Friday 15th November – A day off the bike, as I deserved it!

Saturday 16th November – Today’s ride of 60kms was one of the longest that I have done for a while, and something that I need to get back into the habit of doing. From Northampton, I rode the track to Market Harborough and back. Whilst not the most challenging route, finding long stretches of track that are shielded from the traffic is a rarity in the UK, and so I am fortunate to have access to it.

Sunday 17th November – As I was still recovering a little from the day before, I did a more gentle 20kms on the bike. Surely this should put me somewhere near the coast now on my virtual bike ride to India?

Monday 18th November – My Twitter update for the day (@davestravelpage if you are interested) said that I would hit the bike hard, and cycle some annoyance out of my system. This I certainly did! Also,, I had some nutrition packs turn up which offer great value. Although I won’t have access to specialised sports nutrition when I am on my next bicycle tour around the world, they are perfect for kicking some life back into me after a hard day at work.

Sports nutrition

Tuesday 19th November – Another 20kms on the turbo trainer, maintaining a much higher average speed than before, and also on the hardest settings possible.

Wednesday 20th November – A day off the bike. I was a bit lax though, and didn’t do any core body exercises at all this week.

Grand total for the week – 140kms. As you can see from the map below, this puts me roughly in Calais on my virtual bike ride to India. I have made Europe at last!!

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  1. Nice progress. Will be there with you when you arrive. And will follow you on twitter too. This week you did great work. Keep going. And if i may ask, did you cover those Km on an actual bicycle or on the gym bike?

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