Where to travel in Greece

Decide where to travel in Greece by discovering more about the Greek islands, ancient wonders, and fantastic beaches of this beautiful country. Choosing which places to visit in Greece Imagine a land where ancient myths and modern marvels coexist, where sun-kissed beaches and rugged mountains set the stage for an unforgettable journey. Welcome to Greece, … Read more

UNESCO Sites in Greece

There are 18 UNESCO sites in Greece, ranging from the ancient city of Mycenae to the medieval city of Rhodes. Let’s take a look at these unique archaeological and natural world heritages sites in Greece.     UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece Of all the many thousands of historical sites in Greece, 18 have … Read more

What to do in Thessaloniki – Sightseeing Guide

The best things to do in Thessaloniki include visiting the iconic White Tower, spending time at the Roman Rotunda, and enjoying some of the best food and nightlife in Greece. Thessaloniki Sightseeing Guide Like many people, you may have never considered Thessaloniki as a possible destination to visit in Greece. Yet, this lively coastal city … Read more

Things to know before traveling to Greece

Traveling to Greece? Here’s some essential Greece travel tips from an expat and a local, who present all the things to know before traveling to Greece. Greece Travel Tips I’ve now been living in Greece for just over 8 years… time flies! During that time, I’ve enjoyed traveling around Greece by bicycle, car, bus, ferry, … Read more