Athens Travel Blog – City Guide To The Greek Capital

In this Athens travel blog you'll discover all the insights you need to plan a perfect trip to Athens in Greece.

Discover what to do in Athens in this Athens travel blog

If you're planning to visit Athens and want to know the best places to see during your stay, you have come to the right place. In this travel blog we will give you a short overview of the main attractions and help you plan your trip accordingly.

Athens Blog Posts

Here you'll find exactly what you need to start planning a trip to Athens Greece. From practical travel information to dedicated guides about all the major sites in the city center, this is your go-to blog post for visiting Athens.

Travel Planning Before You Visit Athens

Before you visit Greece, you might want to find out a bit more about Athens and what to expect. These guides will help:

The Acropolis is the most well known of the historical sites in Athens Greece

Athens Itinerary Suggestions

No matter how long you plan to spend in the city center, these itinerary ideas for Athens have you covered:

The Changing of the Guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens Greece

Exploring Ancient Athens

Athens was the epi-center of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. There are many ancient ruins you can visit in Athens center, and these blog posts go into them in detail:

The Temple of Hehpaistos in the Ancient Agora of Athens.

Other Major Tourist Attractions

While many people associate Athens with the ancient landmarks, the city centre has a thriving contemporary vibe that makes it an interesting places to explore:

Street art in the Psiri area of Athens

Day Trips and Tours

By basing yourself in Athens, you can take a variety of day trips to surrounding places of interest. Here's some of the best day trips from Athens to consider:

Epidaurus - A popular day trip from Athens, Greece

Getting Around Athens Public Transportation

Public transport in Greece is a great way to get around. Here's some Athens specific blog posts about how to get to various points of interest.

The Athens Metro

Where to Stay in Athens

For stays of just a few days downtown Athens or the historic center are the best areas to choose a hotel. These Athens blogs have more:

The AthensWas Hotel near the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Where to go after Athens

If you're going Greek island hopping after seeing all the sites of Athens, these guides will help:

Athens Travel Tips - Everything you need to plan a perfect trip to Athens in Greece

Dave Briggs visiting an island in GreeceDave Briggs
Dave's travel writer from the UK who's been living in Athens since 2015. As well as writing this Athens travel blog, he's also created hundreds of other travel blog posts and itineraries for travel destinations all over Greece. Follow Dave on social media for travel inspiration from Greece and beyond:

7 thoughts on “Athens Travel Blog – City Guide To The Greek Capital”

  1. Hi Dave
    Thank you for these posts, they are really helpful!
    We are finishing our greek island hopping trip in athens and have a 1 night stay here (arriving at Pireus Port, then leaving from Athens Airport the day after)
    Where would you reccomend getting accomodation for one night to make the most of our time here and be conveniently located? Any advice would be much appreciated! Many thanks

  2. Hi Dave, very accurate infos about Athens, i suggest for an article about Athens Riviera by local Tram or by bike from Alimos or Center of Athens to Glyfada town. It is a nice idea for your last day in Athens especially after afternoon .

  3. Loving your site Dave, thanks so much for all the info. Does an ordinary airport taxi cater for 4 adults and 4 cases do you know please? eg. a maxi taxi. You recommend Welcome Taxis which sounds even better but do they cater for 4 adults and 4 cases or do I go the Mercedes hire?

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jill,

      I just had a look at the Welcome site, and if you input 4 adults and 4 cases it accepts the booking and describes the car as ‘sedan’.
      I’d personally go with that option as you don’t need to negotiate with the driver about how to fit it all in!
      You could wait in the taxi queue and try as well. Most of the cars used as taxis in Athens are the same.

  4. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for all the great information! Would love to get your opinion….
    We are staying 3 nights in Athens starting June 5th. Trying to find the best hotel/area to stay. I have looked at several places including A for Athens, Royal Olympic Hotel, Divani Palace Acropolis and Urban Frame Hotel. We prefer and area close to all the sites, not on the noisy side, possible has a fitness area, and great restaurants nearby. Just curious your thoughts on a room with an Acropolis view, seems nice but wondering if worth it with all the rooftop views and just being there.

    We are also planning to drive to Delphi/Meteora on a two day trip, any hotel recommendations there?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      It’s always difficult to answer these types of questions! There’s so many things to take into account such as budget etc. For example CoCoMat BC would tick most of your boxes, but does come with a more expensive price tag.
      If you’re taking the Delphi/Meteora road trip, I’d suggest seeing Delphi, and then driving on to Meteora and spend the night there rather than staying in Delphi. A look here at where to stay in Kalambaka(Meteora).


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