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These are some of the bike tours I have taken around the world. Choose which long distance bike tour interests you, and then click through to read my bike touring blogs.

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My Bike Touring Trips

I've spent a few years cycling various long distance bike tours around the world. For the most part, I have kept daily blog posts, which I share at Dave's Travel Pages.

Take a look at the bike touring trips below, and then click the Continue Reading button to check out each tour in more detail.

Some of the earlier bike tours are quite rough when it comes to the writing. Some are more detailed, including routes, bike touring gear, and even daily vlog posts on YouTube as well.

My Bike Touring Blogs

Here's a few of the long distance bike tours I've taken around the world. The list of bike tours includes some classic long distance cycling routes, such as cycling from Alaska to Argentina, and bicycle touring from England to South Africa.

Bike Tours Around The World: A look at some of the cycling trips I've taken around the world, including cycling from Alaska to Argentina, biking from Greece to England, and cycling from England to South Africa.

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2 thoughts on “Bike Tours Around The World – Dave Briggs Bicycle Touring”

  1. Thank you Dave for showing me some of the best routes in my country (Greece).

    However you missed one of the best bits in missing out the Mani peninsula. As I am retiring in Mani this September I would be delighted to show you one of the best places in the world!


    • Hi Nick,
      I can’t think of a better area in Greece to retire to. There’s definitely something special about Mani!
      I regret not cycling there, as it has a fantastic feel to it.
      I did take a road trip there last year though. Didn’t see it all, but got a good taste for it: Mani Road Trip
      If you haven’t visited it yet, the Patrick Leigh Fermor House is worth seeing in Kardamyli.


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