Santorini vs Rhodes: Comparing The Two

Which island should you visit, Santorini or Rhodes? Santorini has unparalleled scenic beauty, yet Rhodes has stunning medieval architecture.  Comparing Rhodes and Santorini If you are considering visiting either Rhodes or Santorini but can’t decide between them, I feel for you! Both islands are really fantastic places to visit, and I’ve been to each one … Read more

Greek coffee culture – Freddo Coffee, Greek Frappe and Greek Coffee

Visitors to Greece can’t help but notice the Greek coffee culture. There seem to be cafes every few metres, serving Freddo Coffee, Greek Frappe, and traditional Greek coffee. This quick guide explains it all. Greece Coffee Culture Coffee plays an important part in Greek culture. You can find cafes everywhere in Greece, whether its a … Read more

Ios To Mykonos Ferry Route

The Ios to Mykonos ferry route is well provided for, with between 2 and 6 ferries sailing every day of the week during the summer months. How to get from Ios to Mykonos Both Ios and Mykonos are two of the most popular Greek islands, especially with people who appreciate good nightlife! Traveling between the … Read more

How To Get From Paros To Mykonos By Ferry

There are 6 or 7 Paros to Mykonos ferry crossings per day during the summer, with the quickest Paros Mykonos ferry taking just 40 minutes. Paros Mykonos Ferry Route Both Paros and Mykonos are among two of the most popular places to visit in the Cyclades islands of Greece. As the two islands are quite … Read more

Santorini vs Milos – Which Island Is Better?

Debating whether to visit Santorini or Milos? Here’s a comparison of Santorini and Milos based on my experiences to help you decide! Comparing Santorini and Milos Over the last eight years of living in Greece, I’ve visited both Santorini and Milos perhaps half a dozen times. The fact I’ve gone back to both of these … Read more