Naxos Airport to Naxos Town

Most people will find it easier to take a taxi from Naxos Airport to Naxos Town unless their hotel offers a free pickup service. Other options include a bus, or arranging to collect a car rental at the airport. Arriving at Naxos Airport If you are arriving at Naxos Airport after taking a flight from … Read more

Temple of Dionysus Yria, Naxos

The temple of Dionysus in Naxos is located just outside of Naxos Chora, and close to the airport. Dionysus Temple in Naxos (Yria/Iria) A temple dedicated to the God Dionysus is one of the three most important archaeological sites on the Greek island of Naxos (the other two being the Portara and the temple of … Read more

Greece Travel Books

In addition to writing this travel blog, I have also co-written some Greece travel guidebooks about Milos, Karpathos, Andros and Tinos. Travel Guidebooks To Greece Whenever I prepare for a trip, I like to get my information from different sources. Sometimes it’s a travel blog (like this one!), other times it might be YouTube. Another … Read more

Where To Put Luggage On Greek Ferries

Want to take a ferry in Greece and wondering what to do with your luggage when onboard? Here’s everything you need to know about taking luggage on Greek ferries. Can I sit with my luggage on a ferry in Greece? I’m often asked by readers what they should do with their luggage when on a … Read more