Another day off Panama City – Boat ride tomorrow!

I spent the day on last minute preparations for sailing from Panama to Colombia. Soon, I would be in South America cycling!

Cycling in Panama

Last minute preparations

Blog post written: April 27th, 2010

Not a lot to report for the day. I bought a t-shirt and some sea-sickness pills ( I expect to be heave ho-ing a lot!), some bin liners to put over the bike when it is on deck, and some road snacks.

A four wheel drive will pick me up tomorrow at 5 in the morning to take me to Carti.

I had originally wanted to cycle this, but with the departure being so soon, and extremely heavy rains every day, it would have been difficult to make it in time over mud tracks.

The sailing trip should take me 5 days assuming I don't get eaten by sharks, stranded on an island or involved in an elaborate drugs sting operation, and so my next update will be from Cartagena in Colombia.

(Id just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visits, reads, comments and encourages me. Especially, I would like to thank my parents, as without their support I would be unable to complete this trip)

Laters all !!!

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