Livadi Beach in Iraklia

Livadi Beach is the biggest and most beautiful beach on the Greek island of Iraklia. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

A guide to Livadi Beach in Iraklia, Greece

Livadi Beach

The tiny island of Iraklia in the Small Cyclades of Greece only has three real beaches, and the most beautiful is Livadi Beach.

Also referred to as Paralia Livadi, this long stretch of sand is within walking distance of Iraklia’s main town of Ag. Georgios. There are also places to park a car if you’ve rented one on the island or have your own.

I’ve visited Livadi beach over a dozen times now, most recently in June and July 2024 when I spent 3 weeks in Iraklia. All of the photos of Iraklia’s Livadi Beach you see on this page were taken then.

paralia livadi iraklia

Tips For Visiting Paralia Livadi in Iraklia

Livadi Beach can be classed as unorganized. As there are no sunbeds or umbrellas to rent, you either need to bring your own, or get to the beach early to claim a shady tree! Note that in the past, wild camping used to be tolerated on Livadi beach, but that has change and it is now forbidden.

Taking some shade in Livadi Beach in Iraklia, Greece

There’s no facilities on the beach itself, so make sure to bring snacks and water with you. There is a taverna over the road – more about that in a bit!

Livadi beach is sandy and more or less north facing. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on the wind. The Meltemi Winds blow through Greece every year, and if the wind happens to blow in the wrong direction, there’s no real shelter from it on the beach. 

On a good day at Livadi beach though, you will be presented with golden sands, and the classic crystal clear waters for which Greek beaches are so famous! You might even see a few yachts and catamarans anchor for the day.

boats at livadi beach

Where to set up on Iraklia’s Livadi Beach

When you get to the beach, you will notice a little area where there are some concrete protections around some short trees. The local Grandpa’s seem to have a permanent presence here, so good luck in getting those!

After these there is a row of trees which are always the first to be taken by early arrivals. There is then a volleyball net in the middle of Livadi Beach, and after that another more sparse section of trees. This is where we alway tended to set up.

vanessa at livadi beach in iraklia

Further on from there, you might class the next part of the beach as the Livadi Beach nudist area.

Tavernas near Livadi Beach

On Google maps, it shows that there are two tavernas on Livadi Beach in Iraklia. However, when I visited in June and July 2024, only Pera Panta was open. It’s possible that Thalassa restaurant is very seasonal and only opens in mid_july and August, but it didn’t look like it was opening any time soon to me.

Pera Panta is a nice place to eat and get a drink. I only ate there the once, and considering the location and lack of other options, found the food to be good and reasonably priced.

livadi beach iraklia greece

Places to stay in Livadi Beach

Backing on to Livadi beach is a place called Martin Rooms. You can expect clean, semi-basic rooms with a shared outdoor common and cooking area. Martin is super-helpful and offers plenty of advice, insights, and rides into town!

Note that staying here is amazing for access to the beach. You’ll need to walk into town for supplies and bottled water or ask Martin for a ride though.

You might also want to check out these other places to stay in Iraklia.

Final Thoughts

Everyone who visits Iraklia is going to want to check out Livadi Beach! I personally find it to be one of the most relaxing beaches to enjoy in all of Greece. My advice is to go early to get some shade, take food and water with you, and if you snorkel, check ou the rocks on both sides of the bay. There’s some amazing fish and other sea life to see!

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