Cycling from Ensenada to Las Canadas in Mexico

Continuing my cycling journey from Alaska to Argentina, I was over the Mexico border, and about to cycle from Ensenada to Las Canada. Here’s my diary entry for the day. Cycling out of Ensenada (Mexico) (Blog post written November 5th 2009) The hotel in Ensenada I stayed at included breakfast, and so I felt duty … Read more

Cycling from Laguna Beach to Encinitas

Today I cycled a little closer to the Mexican border when I rode between Laguna Beach and Encinitas. Part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Cycling out of Laguna Beach A big breakfast and onto the road. Again, it was just a matter of following Highway One… pretty simple stuff. When I reached … Read more

Cycling from Torrance to Laguna Beach

I spent the night in a motel in Torrance, and then got ready to cycle out of Los Angeles. My time cycling through USA was almost at an end, but Mexico awaited! Leaving Torrance After having breakfast at both Subway and McDonalds it was time to brave the traffic and escape from L.A. (great film … Read more