Cycling from Ensenada to Las Canadas in Mexico

Continuing my cycling journey from Alaska to Argentina, I was over the Mexico border, and about to cycle from Ensenada to Las Canada. Here's my diary entry for the day.

Cycling from Ensenada to Las Canadas in Mexico

Cycling out of Ensenada (Mexico)

(Blog post written November 5th 2009)

The hotel in Ensenada I stayed at included breakfast, and so I felt duty bound to eat as much as I possibly could. One of the benefits of being on a bike tour is that you can pretty much eat as much as you want!

Lot met me at 9.00, and he led the way out of town for a few miles in his car, with me pedalling behind.

When we parted company, he gave me a card with his contact details on saying that I had a new friend in Mexico – cheers mate! I have to say I am off to a really positive start here in Mexico, in large part thanks to Carmen.

Lot and friend seeing me on my way from Ensenada

Cycling to Las Canadas

I only had a short day in mind today, and some internet research had shown me that there was a camping resort called Las Canadas some 40 kms away.

At 12 bucks (150 pesos) it was overpriced, but I had received so much over the last few days, does it really matter?

The last few days had been amazing, but also quite full on, so it was good to take the afternoon off and relax.

The mini-mart sold Baja maps, and so I decided I would break with tradition and get one. This, combined with Lots hand written notes of suggested stops should see me through the next few weeks in Baja nicely to La Paz, where I will catch a ferry to the mainland.


Cycling from Ensenada to Las Canadas in Mexico


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