Cycling from Macas to Logrono in Ecuador

Continuing my bike tour through Ecuador, today's section was a day's ride between Macas and Logrono – a thankfully easy section compared to previous days.

Cycling to Logrono in Ecuador

Blog post written 24th June 2010

An easy-peasy days cycling, with most of it being downhill.

Whilst everything around me is green, the countryside is nondescript, although perhaps I have become a bit more used to the sights of small villages, banana plants, men on horseback, and chickens running backwards and forwards after 11 months of cycling.

Cycling past a ramshackle two storey board house in Ecuador


I stopped at the town of Sucua for a breakfast, and if I thought that they didn’t see many western guys on bicycles there, then I was stared at like an alien from another planet when I decided to call it a day in the small town of Logrono.

A six dollar room, which was just fine, and I am 90% sure that the road continues on with no need to cycle to Cuenca, however I won’t find out for sure until tomorrow.

I have a plan worked out for either eventuality, so everything should be fine, although I have no information at all on the road I would like to take, and the availability of accommodation.

I just have to hope that every largish red dot on my map has some sort of hotel or hostal and half decent store or restaurant.

Crossing a river in Ecuador when cycling

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