Cycling from Machachi to Latacunga in Ecuador

Each day of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour, I wrote a blog post. This blog post covers the day's cycling from Machachi to Latacunga in Ecuador.

Eating big meals in Ecuador

Blog post written 16 June 2010

A heavily overcast sky, and the plus 3000 metres of altitude meant a very cold day as I cycled out of Machachi, and slowly uphill.

Peaking at a little over 3500 metres a couple of hours later, I was a little disappointed in not being able to see Volcano Cotopaxi, which I am sure on a clear day, would have looked stunning.

Still, there was a restaurant near the peak, and two dollars fifty was well invested in a huge warm meal.

A filling meal in this restaurant in Ecuador


(Tidying this blog post up in 2019, I actually still remember this meal. Well, more the feeling of it actually. Nothing quite beats hearty, warm food on a chilly day when you're hungry!).

These little restaurants have been a real bonus whilst cycling, serving big portions at reasonable prices. Warmed up at a bit, and with my stomach full, it was a nice 10 km or so downhill glide, before hitting a flat section which lasted all the way into the city of Latacunga. 

I had planned to go further, but as I approached the city, the skies opened up, and I considered it better not to get soaking wet without any need.

Hotel Los Andes provided me with a good room for seven dollars including TV and hot water, and with a restaurant and supermarket close by, all my daily routine needs were easily sorted.

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