Bicycle Box Storage In Iceland

Working out where to store your bicycle box when planning an Iceland bicycle tour can be a bit of a problem. In this guide, I’ll go over how I stored my bike box during my 6 week Iceland cycling trip, as well as other options for bicycle box storage in Iceland. Where can you store … Read more

Reasons To Take A Thermos Bicycle Touring

Is taking a Thermos on a bicycle tour a bit old-school? Possibly, but it makes sense, particularly when cycling in colder climates. Should you take a Thermos flask on a bikepacking trip? During my recent bicycle tour around Iceland, having a Thermos was a game-changer for me. From being able to make a cup of … Read more

Disc Brakes vs Rim Brakes

Are disc brakes or rim brakes the ultimate brake choice for bike touring? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of rim brakes and disc brakes. Rim Brakes vs Disc Brakes For Bicycle Touring Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between disc brakes vs rim brakes, and which one would suit … Read more