Disc Brakes vs Rim Brakes

Are disc brakes or rim brakes the ultimate brake choice for bike touring? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of rim brakes and disc brakes. Rim Brakes vs Disc Brakes For Bicycle Touring Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between disc brakes vs rim brakes, and which one would suit … Read more

Why does my bike wheel wobble?

The most common reasons for a bicycle wheel to wobble, are loose or broken spokes, a badly fitted tyre, or damaged hub. Diagnosing a wobbling bicycle wheel Have you just noticed that one of the wheels on your bike is wobbling? There can be several reasons for this, and it’s important from a safety perspective … Read more

Importance Of A Shakedown Bike Tour

A shakedown bike tour is an important part of preparing for a long distance bicycle trip. It’s a chance to ensure that you have all the necessary gear and know-how before embarking on your big adventure. My Recent Shakedown Ride Its April 2023, and I’m preparing for a 6 week cycling trip around Iceland. It’s … Read more

Bike Valve Types – Presta And Schrader Valves

The two main bicycle valve types are Presta and Schrader valves. Here’s a look at the difference between Presta and Schrader bike valves. So, you thought that all types of bicycle valve stems were the same? Think again, because there’s two different standard bike valve types out there! Bike Valve Types – Presta and Schrader … Read more