Iceland Bicycle Touring Route

Here’s a look at my planned bicycle touring route around Iceland. Highlights of the Iceland bike tour will include Snæfellsnes peninsula, the Westfjords, Akureyri, and the F26 Divide Road. Planned Route For Iceland Bike Tour 2023 I’ve been planning a cycling trip around Iceland for some time now. The flights are all booked, my dates … Read more

Cycling Across North America: Route and Travel Blogs

Cycling in North America provides an opportunity to see varied landscapes ranging from wilderness to coastal roads. Here’s some tips for bike touring through North America. Bikepacking Across America North America is a beautiful place to go bike touring, and has many different terrains. Along the eastern coast, there are sandy beaches and rocky coasts. … Read more

Bicycle Touring South America: Routes, Travel Tips, Cycling Diaries

Planning to go cycle touring in South America? Here’s a look at what to expect, along with travel tips on biking across South America. Cycle Touring South America If you want to explore South America, there’s no better way than by bicycle. The landscapes vary from tropical rainforest, to snow-capped Andes and deserts. You’ll find … Read more

Eurovelo 8 Montenegro Cycling Route and Maps

This guide to the Eurovelo 8 Montenegro Cycling route will help you explore this small country on your way north or south. Here’s our guide to cycling in Montenegro. Montenegro Eurovelo 8 Note: This information was previously hosted on the Meanderbug site. After a redesign, they asked me to keep this information live here, which … Read more