Malta in October: Weather And Things To Do

Malta in October offers pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and reduced prices, making it an ideal time for enjoyable sightseeing, outdoor activities, and cultural exploration. Malta in October People often ask if Europe in October is a good destination. Whereas some of the Northern European countries can get quite cold in October, the south is generally … Read more

Things to do in Malta in 3 days (2024 Guide)

Things to see in Malta in 3 days include Valletta, Gozo, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, Victoria, Mdina and of course beaches! Why Spend 3 Days in Malta Many people, especially from the UK, associate Malta with a sun and sand holiday. A place to relax, unwind, and work on their tan for a week or … Read more

Who built the Megalithic Temples of Malta?

We may never know for sure who built the imposing megalithic temples of Malta, but visiting these prehistoric Maltese temples should definitely be on your itinerary when in Malta. Malta Megalithic Temples Over the years, I have combined travel with visiting archaeological sites around the world. Don’t worry, I don’t have Indiana Jones syndrome! I just … Read more