Cycling from Cuajinicuilapa to Pinotepa Nacional in Mexico

This mexico bike touring blog update covers the day's ride between Cuajinicuilapa and Pinotepa Nacional. Part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour.

My battles with insects

(Blog post written Jan 28 2010)

The insect world had it in for me today. Things didn't start off too great when the croissants which I had bought the night before for breakfast, were covered in ants in the morning. At least my bananas were ok, so I was able to eat something.

An hour into the ride, I was then chased by bees.

I've been chased by a lot of things whilst cycling. I've been chased by a magpie whilst cycling in New Zealand. I get chased frequently by aggressive dogs when cycling. I've even been chased by a village load of people in Ethiopia . Being chased by bees whilst cycling was a first though.

Oh, Beehive

Along the roadside, there have been several bunches of manmade beehives. Whether these were disturbed recently or not I can't say for sure, but they were very angry little bees! I got away without being stung, fortunately, although I could have done without the extra effort of pedalling uphill at triple speed!

Pinotepa Nacional in Mexico
By R. WoensdregtOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Apart from that little bit of excitement, the road was quite dull. Totally lacking in motivation, I called it a day at just over 50 kms in the town of Pinotepa Nacional. I managed to find a really good hotel which was worth every single one of the 200 pesos – Huge room, cable tv, wifi and hot water. Very relaxing!

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