Day off in Oruro Bolivia for more bike repairs

I took the day off in Oruro today in order to get my new rear wheel re-adjusted, and to do some internet work. Here's my blog post from the day.

More bike repairs in Bolivia

Blog post written October 7th 2010

Finding the bicycle mechanic was a bit of a mission, but thanks to a helpful map another couple of cyclists made, it was a lot easier than it could have otherwise been! Note – Google closed down a Map Maker service, but nowadays you might be able to find it anyway on Google maps.

The guy there (think his name was Liam, but when I said my name was David, he said his was Goliath, so I prefer Goliath!) was simply the greatest guy. If I knew a quarter of what he did in terms of being a bicycle mechanic, life would be much easier!

We had a chat as he re-adjusted the rear wheel, and when he had finished, he said it was free. Well, I couldn't let him do it for free, so 10 Bs was his! Great guy, and I would never have found him if it wasn´t for Roland and Belinda's map – Thanks guys!

More work on the road

In the afternoon, I got on with some internet work, as I had 10 articles to write for a Freelancer job, and also needed to update my own site. I intend to leave tomorrow, just I am not sure what time as yet, as it is 14.00 in the afternoon, and I have tonnes to do!!

(I also read another website, where they had just crossed into Argentina, and found a sign post saying 5000 km to Ushuai. This is quite worrying, as I had intended to reach Ushuai for Christmas…. on the other hand, I haven´t got a flight booked either, but the thought this may take me a month longer than I had planned is a bit concerning. Oh well… Will just have to pedal faster!!)

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