Athens Marathon Sunday 12th November

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Sunday 12th November 2023 Dave's Travel Pages Newsletter


I hope you're doing well!

So on Sunday 12th November 2023 it's the Athens Marathon!

I have to say that despite having cycled fairly large chunks of the world (most recently around Iceland), a marathon has always seemed too daunting for me.

It's a whole lot of training for the one event. And, in addition, I know the Athens marathon route as I cycle it every now and again – it's a tough one with some nasty uphill sections!

So, good luck to all the participants! But it's a thanks no thanks when it comes to running it myself. I'll stick to taking photos of the runners from a safe distance.

The main road from Marathon to Central Athens is closed during the authentic Athens Marathon.

Besides, it looks like I'm stuck in front of the computer for quite a while now catching up with writing more Greece travel guides. (Ok, I love it really).

I recently updated my things to do in Heraklion article after this most recent trip to Crete. In addition, I put together some new articles here:

Another thing I did, was look at the most popular hotels in Greece readers have booked through my site and created a list. If you're planning a trip to Greece you might want to take a look to see if any of them fit in with where you are going. 

You can find the list here: Popular Hotels In Greece

And finally, some travel companies are starting to offer Black Friday deals already. If you're thinking of booking tours and trips on your next vacation, take a look at: Get Your Guide

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