Another day off in Cartagena looking for bike shops

After a little sightseeing, I went to look for bike shops in Cartagena Colombia. There were a few bicycle repairs I needed to continue my bike tour toward Argentina.

Bike Shops in Cartagena, Colombia

At this point, I'd been cycling for almost a year, and my Dawes Sardar bike was in need of some minor repairs and servicing. Colombia, a country famous for its cycling culture, would be a good place to get the bike looked at.

A five minute cycle into the Pie de la Popa area of Cartagena, and I soon found a bicycle shop stocking good quality parts.

A bicycle shop in Cartagena, Colombia

A new rear derailleur, cassette, 2 chains, brakes and rear hub maintenance saw me 100 GBP lighter, but a great deal happier.

This little refit should see me good through to at least Santiago, Chile I hope… maybe even to the end of the trip.

Inside a bike shop in Cartagena in Colombia

Back to the hostel, and the others were getting ready to leave.

I enjoyed our sailing trip together, and Roger in particular was a great guy who was easy to get along with, but in the end, I prefer cycling through the smaller towns than constantly hanging out in the backpacker centres.

Travelling in a group has its benefits of companionship and economy, but it also has its drawbacks in its hesitations, group decisions and delays.

Besides, it was time to go to the mall and visit McDonald's…. Yay !!

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