Another day off in Liberia – Bike Touring Central America

Another day off in Liberia, Costa Rica as I rested during the Semana Santa holiday period. To be honest, I was getting a bit bored with sitting around!

The church in Liberia, Costa Rica

Movie Day in Liberia

Another day off in Liberia. This holiday period is really proving to be inconvenient for me – I would much prefer to be on the move.

That said, it has given me a chance to download a tonne of new films and TV shows from the Internet:

  • Halloween 2 – great slasher flick.
  • The Time Travellers Wife – Neither romantic slush nor as clever as The Butterfly Effect. Somewhere in the middle of that lot.
  • Spartacus Blood and Sand (tv series) – How awesome is this ?? And lovely to see Lucy Lawless (Xena) back on the screen again, especially in not a lot at all !


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