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The last day off of my extended stay in Liberia, Costa Rica. It's funny how on long trips, you crave a day off from bike touring, but too long and you want to get going again!

Last Day in Liberia, Costa Rica

(Blog post written April 04 2010 when cycling from Alaska to Argentina)

Same old, same old. Made the daily pilgrimage to McDonald's, did some food shopping.

McDonald's is actually a bit of a bargain – I can get two cheeseburgers for the same price as a reasonable quality tin of tuna. Fruit here is still relatively cheap though.

Eating Papaya in Costa Rica

This papaya was gorgeous!

I've planned the route out for the next little stretch, and six days should take me up to the border with Panama.

With that in mind, I will probably be looking at getting a boat ride to Columbia in the later half of April, something I will either organise in Panama City or Colon.

Hope you had a nice Easter everyone !!!

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