Semana Santa in Liberia Costa Rica – Processions and Holiday Period

I had taken a few days off in Liberia, Costa Roca because of the holiday period of Semana Santa. Today, I watched one of the religious processions go by.

Semana Santa in Liberia, Costa Rica

Semena Santa in Liberia, Costa Rica

Blog post written: April 2nd, 2010

As I strolled out of the hotel this morning, I noticed a procession making its way up the road. I had been hoping to see something like this during the Semana Santa period, and as luck would have it, I actually had my camera with me for a change.Semana Santa procession in Liberia in Costa Rica

There weren't as many people as I thought there might be… A good indication that it was a wise move on my part to avoid the beaches this week, as they must be absolutely packed.
I didn't think Christianity should have idols until I saw Semana Santa in Costa Rica
Christianity, like all religions, has always interested me as much by the ironies and hypocrisies it contains, as by the basic, fundamental messages that underlay them all.

Semana Santa in Costa Rica

A processions with religious icons is one of those ironies – I´m pretty sure the bible mentions several times not to worship images !

 Anyhow, moving along, the craven images looked great, and McDonald's was still open… Hurrah !! The perfect way to celebrate Semana Santa in Liberia!
Semana Santa in Costa Rica town Liberia
Semana Santa


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