Cycling Banos to Puyo in Ecuador

During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I wrote a blog post a day. This day's blog entry is from Ecuador, and the ride between Banos and Puyo.

Cycling along the Rio Verde in Ecuador

Blog post written June 2010

I'd spent an extra day in Banos resting, and so with more energy it was now time to leave. Cycling out of Banos was pretty easy, and a long downhill stretch towards the village of Rio Verde began.

A hydro-electric dam just outside of Banos, Ecuador


I passed this small hydro-electric dam along the way. At least, that's what I assume it was!

Waterfall near Banos in Ecuador

Waterfalls near Banos in Ecuador South America


This area is famous for its waterfalls, and there was plenty of opportunity to stop and take photos on this very scenic route.

Rio Blanco tunnel near Banos Ecuador


In places, tunnels cut through the mountain, although bicycle routes over rough tracks through forested areas provided the cyclist with an alternative route.

As I descended lower, the temperature picked up by a few degrees, and finally the sun came out. It had seemed a long time since the sun was shining strong enough to make me feel it, and it felt good! That said, no doubt I will be moaning about the heat in a few days !

Eating a big breakfast in Ecuador


After Rio Verde, the overall descent continued, although there were some short, sharp climbs thrown in. I stopped off for breakfast along the way, and an awesome one at that !

Rio Verde in Ecuador

People rafting on the river in Ecuador


Puyo in Ecuador

After three hours of actual cycling, I rolled into Puyo, and booked into a hotel from one of a cluster on the main road leading in. Six dollars was an absolute bargain, and gave me a room with cable tv and bathroom. 

Talking to a few people, it seems like I should be able to carry on a along this route 45 to the town of Loja, and miss out Cuenca altogether, despite my map indicating differently. 

One thing I will have to get used to down here is the return of mosquitoes though, which were kept at bay up at 3000 metres.

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