Over 150 California Instagram Captions For Golden State Photos

Choose the perfect captions about California to go with your photos before you share them on Instagram! Over 200 of the best California Instagram Captions.

Best California Instagram Captions

California Dreaming

People love California for many reasons – the weather, the beaches, the Hollywood glamour. But one of the biggest draws is its amazing diversity.

From the snow-capped mountains in the north to the sunny beaches in the south, California has something for everyone. You can explore bustling cities or quiet country towns, and you’re never far from the great outdoors. There's photo opportunities everywhere!

And you'll want to post those awesome California pics on Instagram of course.

Looking for the best California captions for Instagram? Look no further! This article has a list of the best ideas for captioning your photos. Whether you're at the beach, in San Francisco, San Diego or anywhere in between, these captions will make your post perfect.

Best California Instagram Captions

California has my heart

California has my heart.

Calif*cking fornia

I'm a California girl

Driving along the California coastline

California, where the sun sets on the beach and rises in the mountains.

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

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Funny California Captions

Welcome to paradise

The Golden State: where dreams come true

Salt air. Cool breeze. Adventure in my soul

Soul full of sunshine

I would get onto the 101 at 5 p.m. for you

My heart belongs in California

My heart belongs in California

Hooray for Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood

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Awesome California Instagram Captions

Golden beaches, blue skies, and perfect waves

California: a place where anything is possible

Living the California dream.

There's no place like California

Home of the perfect tan

My favorite part of winter is living in California

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All you need is California sunset

All you need is California sunset.

California grown

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Instagram Captions About California



I love you California

Everything is better in California

California is all I avo wanted

Seasing the day in California

Seasing the day in California

You’re not done with LA until LA is done with you

I know I’m perfect, I’m from California

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Cute California Captions

I'm a California girl at heart

In love with the Golden State

California, here I come!

One more day in paradise

Can't wait to be back in California

Missing the California sun

Happiness is a sunny day at the beach

Life is better by the ocean

Sea, sun, and sand – the perfect recipe for happiness

There's no place like California

California is always in my mind

California isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling

I need to un-wine in California

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California Captions For Instagram

California vibes

I am so West Coast

The West Coast is the best coast

California, I just can’t help loving you

California is a state of mind

Golden girl

California, the land of the gold diggers since 1848

I feel in love with California

I feel in love with California

They write songs about California girls for a reason

West coast. Best coast

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More Captions For California Photos

California is where my heart is

I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to California

I’m Sur I’ve never seen a place this beautiful

California: Sunny nutland

California: Nacho Average State

A bad day in California is better than a good day anywhere else

When I said this was my last trip to California, I lied

Follow your heart, even if it takes you to California

There’s a sale at Big Sur: Pfeiffer the price of one!

Dear California, I love you

Just watching sun-kissed waves drift the day away

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Great California Phrases To Use With Your Photos

Twilight + Beach = Perfection

California on my mind

California life

California, you had me at Merlot!

Good times and tan lines

You know you’re from California when you don’t call it Cali

California is an unbelievable state

Traveling California was so beautiful, it was a Big Sur-prise

California is my sand-tuary

California is my Sand-tuary.



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California Puns And Sayings

Sunsets and oceans. It’s what I do

I need a Napa after all this wine

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California is where you get to start over

Home is where the waves crash

Leaving California is un-bear-able

I think California has the best energy

Welcome to the golden state

Welcome to the Golden State.

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California: nacho average state

California, you make my heart poppy

You had me at California

You had me at California.

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Instagram California Updates You Can Use

I want a little bit of California

California roots

West Coast is the best coast

California, here we come

Eat. Sleep. Breath. California

I love California; everything is so artificial

California dreamin

Maybe, I just need to go to California

California dreams

West coast babe

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Captions To Use With California Updates

High tides + good vibes

High tides + good vibes.

Welcome to the Hotel California…

California you’re beautiful

California state of mind

California state of mind.

California, I sea you

Find me in California

Find me in California

Follow me to California

Happiness is the sun setting over the California beach

If found, please return to California

Beach bums and setting suns

Beach bums and setting suns.

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Fantastic California Instagram Text

Next stop, California

But first, let’s go to California

But first, let's go to California.

I left my heart in California

I left my heart in California

Take me to California

Stay golden

My favorite color is sunset

Peace, Love, California

Poppy like it’s hot

West Coast Vibes

I wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you in California

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California Caption Collection

There’s a boulevard called Sunset here

There's a boulevard called Sunset here

Are you coming Mcway?

She stood there bright as the sun on the California Coast


Listen to your heart even if it takes you all the way to California

After drinking so much California wine, I need a Napa!

If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to LA

On cloud wine in California

Raised by waves

More Pacific Ocean, please

Hella good times

Dream of Californication…

Dream of Californication

California is calling me, and I must go

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Cali Captions

By the bay with my bae

California, still a magical vanity fair

California, still a magical vanity fair

California love

California is always a good idea

California knows how to party

California knows how to party.

Home is where the heart is. And mine is in California

I know once you come to California you will never look back

Went to California…. Never looked back

California forever

Sunsets & palm trees

Life’s a beach in California

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Captions About California To Use on SM Posts

Camping in Big Sur is in-tents

Poppy your collar

Crushin on Cali

Crushin on Cali

Here’s to you, California

I am all about the palm trees and 80 degrees

I can’t bear to leave California

I can't bear to leave California.

In a California state of mind

California girls just wanna have sun!

California girls just wanna have sun!

California AF

Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast

Dear California, I love you to NY and back

I fell in love, her name is California

Cali girl: she is sun kissed and ready for anything

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Best California Captions

Made in California

The sunsets are best on the West Coast

California – I just can’t help loving you

I’d rather be in California

I'd rather be in California

Beach please, I’m from California

West Coast? More like Best Coast!

Life in California is beautiful

California bound

California, be mine

I won’t burrito-round the bush! California is stunning

Heard it through the grapevine

Funny California Quotes

It’s never too late to go to California

I’m shore glad to be back in California

A week on the West Coast is good for the soul

A week on the West Coast is good for the soul.

Golden State of Mind

Golden State of mind

Cali Girl

California English: No yeah = yes. Yeah, no = no. Yeah, no, for sure = definitely

Sun kissing ocean. Beach touching bum

Living my best life in California

California chica

California Chica

Someone in California loves me

I love it when you call me big poppy

Dreams are made of sand and sunsets

There is nothing like the Golden State

Clever California Captions

California: the land of sunshine and dreams

The best things in life are free – and in California

Life is a beach – and I'm loving it!

I left my heart in California

Home is where the waves are

Peace, love, and California

California: the Golden State of mind

All you need is love… and a California beach

There's no place like home – especially when it's in California

SoCal dreaming

Best California Captions

The sky is the limit in California

You can't beat a California sunrise

California hair, don't care

Palm trees and ocean breeze

Hasta la vista, baby

California makes me happier

If you can dream it, you can do it in California

The sun always shines in California

Reach for the stars – they're within reach in California

In California, anything is possible

You only live once – make it count in California

Make your dreams come true in California

The impossible is possible in California

Seize the day – and the waves – in California

Live your best life in California

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Witty California Captions

California: where dreams come true and taxes go to pay for them

Yes, we have earthquakes. No, we don't talk about them

The best things in life are free – except parking

Don't Californicate the rest of the country

No, I'm not from Los Angeles. I'm a real person from California

Whether you’re visiting for a vacation or you’re lucky enough to live there, these California Instagram captions will help you capture the magic of this incredible state.

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