Cycling from Catavina to Paradar Punta Prieta El Crucero in Mexico

Today involved cycling over a reasonably remote section between Catavina to Paradar Punta Prieta El Crucero in Baja California as part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling out of Catavina

Blog post written Nov 12 2009

I've written this and the next day as a part distance and stop log, so as to help any other cyclists interested in doing this desert section of Baja.

07.00 / Km 0 – Left Catavina and hit the road with an ice cold ‘Monster' in me.

08.20/ Km 17 – It's been mainly uphill so far, with the sun not too strong, and the wind blowing every which way. Stopped at Rancho San Martin for water. They also do food here.

08.50/ Km 20 – Just finished a 3 km climb from the Rancho, and descended briefly onto a plateau.

11.00/ Km 54 – It's been a cutting wind, but at least I haven't felt the heat too much. I reached the roadside Loncheria of Chapala, where they do food and cool drinks. Took an hour out for lunch.

Punta Prieta Baja California

15.00/ Km 100 Arrived at Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero and called it a day. There is a run down little trailer park on the right hand side opposite the restaurant. A good day, and it left me wondering how much further I could have gone had the wind been with me and not against.

Note – Think my dehydrating/overheating problems were due to the top I had been wearing, and it not being breathable enough in hot weather.

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