Cycling from Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero to Guerrero Negro in Baja Mexico

This was a big day of 140 kms cycling between Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero and Guerrero Negro in Baja California, Mexico. Part of my Alaska to Argentina Pan American bike ride.

Cycling in Baja California

Here's some rough trip notes from the day's cycling ride. It was a big distance, but plenty of places to get water.

06.50 Km 0 – Left El Crucero with a bit of a floater in the toilet – no water to dispose of it, so not entirely my fault. A drop pit would have been better. Anyway, moving on….

07.30 Km13 – Small settlement of Punta Prieta with restaurant and store. Stopped for coffee and got going again at 07.50.

10.20 Km 54 – El Rosarito. Restaurant and possibly a store. The road turns to shit for the next ten kms, so prepare for a bumpy ride!

Cycling from Parador Punta Prieta El Crucero to Guerro Negro in Baja Mexico

13.00 Km 94 – Villa Jesus Maria. Restaurants, possibly a store or two. Stopped at the dodgiest looking place to eat, where I was served by the Mexican equivalent of Compo from Last of the Summer Wine.

15.00 Km 140 – Guerrero Negro. A big, BIG day! A wide selection of hotels and some camping. I treated myself, and had the first shower in days.

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