More Than 200 Beautiful Colorado Instagram Captions

This collection of over 150 best Colorado captions means you'll never be stuck for words when posting Colorado photos to Instagram!

Best Instagram Captions About Colorado

Best Colorado Captions Instagram

It's no secret that Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the US. From the Rocky Mountains to the river valleys, there's something for everyone to love.

If you're lucky enough to live in this amazing state, or if you're just visiting, make sure to capture some of your favorite moments on Instagram!

But don't forget to add a great caption to go along with your photo. That's where we come in! We've compiled a list of over 150 of the best Colorado Instagram captions, so you can find the perfect one for your next post.

Got my cowboy hat and boots, all ready for my trip to Denver

If lost, return to Colorado

If lost, return to Colorado.

I find Denver’s hipster scene to be fully unique

I need some Colorado time

Living the mountain life in Colorado

Destination: Colorado

Destination: Colorado

Taking an adventure in Colorado

Thank you Colorado for making me feel so alive

Loving the crystal clear Colorado sky

This trip to Colorado was a home run

This trip to Colorado was a home run.

You cannot love life until you live a life you love…in Colorado

Let’s wander to where the WiFi is weak

I’m grateful for anything that brings me back to Colorado

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Instagram Captions About Colorado

Colorado is known for its stunning natural beauty, and there are plenty of great places to explore. For some of the best views in the state, head to Rocky Mountain National Park or Estes Park.

If you're looking for a more urban adventure, check out Denver or Boulder. No matter where you go in Colorado, you're sure to have a great time.

One night Grand

If you live in rural Colorado, sooner or later you will probably need to know that local governments have very direct power over your land and how you use it. – by Nancy S. Greif

Boulder was my U.S. base for the better part of 20 years, and it will always have a special place in my heart. – by Tyler Hamilton

Roam far & wander wide

Colorado is known for the things we only dream of

Every day, the sun comes out and the sky is always blue. That’s what I miss about Denver

Water tastes better when you are in the mountains hiking

Welcome to colorful Colorado

I feel blessed that I’ve been to Colorado

Hike more and worry less

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Colorado Captions For Instagram

When you're ready to post that perfect photo to Instagram, make sure to use one of our captions. From funny to inspirational, we've got you covered.

Doing this sweet thing called hiking

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is in Colorado

Fishing along the Arkansas River is some of the best in Colorado, and there are raft trips available through local companies. – by Lee Mckinny

Not leaving anything behind in Colorado but my heart

Too much fresh air is not a thing

How to: Look cute while hiking

How to look cute while hiking.

Colorado does not shut down. Colorado does not quit. Colorado does not break. – by John Hickenlooper

Our peace shall stand as firm as the Rocky Mountains

Colorado (will be) my home someday

Colorado (will be) my home someday.

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More Colorado Captions For Photos

No more struggling to come up with the perfect caption for your Colorado photos. This list has everything you need, from funny one-liners to inspiring quotes that will make your followers jealous they're not in the Centennial State.

Colorado dreamin

We just love Denver. The love and support from people here is amazing

A trip to Colorado can be expensive but I am sure it is cheaper than going to the therapist

Colorado unfolds the real beauty of the world

Fresh snow and Colorado are what my dreams are made of

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Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems. – by John Hickenlooper

My soul lives in Colorado

The one where I go to Colorado

This vacation has been so great that I can bear-ly stand to leave

Each year, millions of skiers come to Colorado to experience its superb emergency medical facilities. – by Dave Barry

Leave your main town for a while and experience the beauty of Colorado

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Great Phrases To Use With Your Photos of Colorado

No more struggles for the perfect caption when you post your Colorado photos on Instagram. This list has over 150 of the best captions to choose from so that you can represent your beautiful state in the most perfect way possible!

We’ll be there in snow time

We'll be there in snow time.

Every once in a while, it’s important to adjust your altitude

If you love hiking, skiing, cycling. Colorado is the place for you

Living that Colorado life

The Colorado River did not form the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was formed as the flood went down. – by Kent Hovind

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Stay curious in Colorado

Stay curious in Colorado.

Can we take a direct flight back to reality or do we have to change planes in Denver?

If you are sad, you must visit Colorado

Oh hail no!

If you want to see an awesome color, then go to Colorado, its beauty is like no others

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Colorado Puns And Sayings

From scenic views to outdoor adventures, these captions will make your photos shine.

Colorado, I’m yours!

Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Colorado

Colorado has always been a good place to find what you’re made of

It’s impossible to say goodbye to the mountains of Colorado

Start your adventure with the scenic views of Colorado

No matter how tired I am, I am always ready to go to Colorado

Denver and Boulder are good record-buying cities. I don’t know why

A bad day in Colorado is better than a good day anywhere else

A bad day in Colorado is better than a good day anywhere else.

Experience the beauty of Colorado

Experience the beauty of Colorado.

I’d rather be in Colorado

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Colorado Instagram Updates You Can Use

This list has everything you need, from funny and clever captions, to inspiring and motivational quotes that will make your followers want to explore the Centennial State for themselves.

What did the puny rock say to the big muscle rock?… I wish I were boulder!

In Colorado they say ice to meet you

In Colorado they say ice to meet you.

Boulder should be next to the word ‘community’ in the dictionary

Colorado hiking life rocks!

A trip to Colorado can heal my all wounds

A trip to Colorado can heal my all wounds.

I left my heart in Colorado

You can leave Colorado, but it will never leave you

You can leave Colorado, but it will never leave you.

Do what we will, Colorado will one day find an unimpeded way to the sea. – by Donald Worster

Keeping it natural, taking the scenic route and seeing heaven little closer

I should probably move here, right?

I think Colorado looks pretty good on me

I think Colorado looks pretty good on me.

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Colorado Captions To Use With Updates

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in America. If you're lucky enough to live here, or are just visiting, make sure to snap some pics and use these captions to show off your state pride!

These Colorado captions will help you capture the beauty of this amazing place.

With more residents and tourism activity in Colorado, the ‘Great Outdoors’ is becoming a little crowded. – by Nancy S. Greif

I’d love to go up to Pike’s Peak, but I don’t see the point

Colorado vibes

Who doesn’t love to wake up by the mountains?

The colors of Colorado feel so different from anywhere else

In case you were wondering, I’m peaking

Once you visit Colorado, you can get out of this place but your heart cannot

Get, that, dirt off your Boulder

I’m a big deal in Colorado

I'm a big deal in Colorado.

Colorado has beauty like no others

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Fantastic Colorado Instagram Text

The Ultimate Collection of Colorado Captions:

First, they’re smiling. Then, they’re sweating

First, they're smiling. Then, they're sweating.

Nothing but blue skies here

Nothing but blue skies here.

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The mile high state

Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Denver

The mountains of Colorado tell you how smaller you and your problems are

Sleep. Visit Colorado. Repeat

On a date with Colorado

On a date with Colorado.

And there in the blue air I saw for the first time, far off, the great snowy tops of the Rocky Mountains. I had to get to Denver at once

Boulder is a very smart community

Boulder is a very smart community.

Invest in yourself, go to Colorado

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Colorado Caption Collection

Whether you're a born and raised Coloradoan or you just love visiting, these captions will help show off your state pride!

Colorado holds variety of colorfulness and interesting birds

Money can’t buy happiness but it can surely buy the tickets for Colorado

Trip to Colorado is all I want

Colorado, I lake you a lot!

When people think ‘Colorado’, many of the images that pop into their minds are of majestic mountains, forests, rivers, canyons, and other natural features. – by Nancy S. Greif

One day the Constitution of Colorado is the highest law of the state. The next day it’s waste paper

Getting lost in Colorado

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Best Colorado Captions

Sitting above the mountains of the Colorado, observing the nature do its job in the sky

Always take the scenic route

There’s a silent voice in the wilderness that we hear only when no one else is around. When you go far, far beyond, out across the netherlands of the known, the din of human static slowly fades away, over and out. – by Rob Schultheis

I just absolutely adore Denver and the Boulder area. Having lived there several times, it feels like home to me. – by Tig Notaro

We’re having a great time. Thanks for Aspen!

Advice from Colorado: Be colorful and spend time outdoors

I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Colorado

You’re home and adventure all at once

Colorado officially has my heart

Colorado has my heart

The coolest people are from Colorado

The coolest people are from Colorado.

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Adventures are forever

Colorado Quotes and Captions

Escape into the mountains of Colorado

Escape into the mountains of Colorado.

Colorado is my happy place

Do more things that make you feel alive

We are on the Colorado…that means something more to me than thoughts of electrical power or a harnessed river

There is nothing quite like life by the mountains

Play in the mountains of Colorado

All I need is mountain breeze & tall trees

All I need is mountain breeze and tall trees.

Once you visit Colorado, it’s really hard to forget about this place

Get some range

It’s a privilege to live in Colorado

You can guess the creativeness of God just by seeing the beautiful mountains of Colorado

What a frost-y reception

What a frost'y reception.

On the search for the best Rocky Mountain Oyster in Denver!

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Inspiring Words About Colorado

Life is beautiful in Colorado

Most people watch TV when they get bored. Coloradans run up freaking mountains

Colorado is like a big playground for adults

Colorado is like a big playground for adults.

I think the Colorado Plateau is the most scenic area in the world – let’s begin with that. Not just the United States. – by Stewart Udall

Heaven is a little bit closer in Colorado

It looks like Colorado is a small piece of heaven on earth

To the top of the world we go

The beauty of Colorado attracts me to itself

If you are doubtful about your weekend plans, simply just go visit Colorado

Colorado springs is one of the best places in the world to see the history of the Earth. – by Kirk Johnson

It’s a Denver thing, you wouldn’t understand

Colorado is calling I must go

I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of the Rocky Mountains with you

Life is better in Colorado

What’s happening on the Colorado River is happening all over the world. The water is overused, over dammed, and it’s polluted in some places. – by Greg MacGillivray

Wow, getting a Denver steak definitely wasn’t a mi-steak

Adventure awaits

Life is beautiful when you are in Colorado

Life is where the mountains are

Life is where the mountains are.

I have nothing but love for my time I spent in Denver, and appreciation, and gratitude

All you need is love and a Denver steak

Boulder was not the small town I had expected. It is a vivacious community of sophisticated people, who have the same aspirations and expectations you find in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. – by Kimbal Musk

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There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this

Denver is home to me, and to be recognized for my achievements in the sports community here is a great honor

Some of the most beautiful and colorful parts of Colorado are found in the clouds above. – by Mike Nelson

Denver is a city that will be far more defined by its future than its past

Don’t go Breckenridge my heart

Colorado, what a beautiful and an inspiring place

I think about my dwindling anonymity, and that’s really scary because a very large part of me would be perfectly happy living on a ranch in Colorado and having babies and chickens and horses – which I will do anyway. – by Dakota Johnson

Yous Arapahoe

You never forget your first trip to Colorado

You never forget your first trio to Colorado.


No one can make me un-love the mountains of Colorado

I've reached the peak of my dreams

But first, let’s go to Colorado

You don’t need missionaries in Colorado; you got Colorado. – by Trey Parker

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the city of Denver


Hope Colorado Springs Eternal

There’s no business like snow business

Colorado springs is wishful thinking

Colorado springs is wishful thinking.

You had me at Colorado

Growing up in Denver, I’m sure it started with loving the Colorado mountains

I’d rather go on a date with Colorado

Mile high dreaming

Mile high dreaming.

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Colorado is in my heart

Sit on the mountains of Colorado and experience the beauty for hundred miles of the world

They say ‘do what makes you happy’ so I came to Colorado

I always apres-ciate my time in Colorado

Three things I love, Colorado, Colorado and Colorado

I had my house converted to the Colorado altitude, so I am always above sea level

Colorado boasts a wonderful variety of colorful and interesting birds that are an important part of state’s outdoor heritage. – by Mary Taylor Gray

I find excuses to visit Colorado every few months

I love Colorado

Colorado fills my spirit

Colorado fills my spirit.

Colorado is an oasis, an otherworldly mountain place. – by Brandi Carlile

Autumn Colorado activities list – hiking, climbing, cycling…. check!

Go and brush your Boulder off

Go and brush your boulder off.

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I’m not bitter at all. I think my memories in Denver are great

Facts about Colorado

– Colorado became the 38th state to join the United States on August 1st, 1876.

– The capital city of Colorado is Denver, which is also the largest city in the state.

– Other major cities in Colorado include Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Lakewood.

– The state is home to over 5,000 glaciers, more than any other US state.

– Colorado contains the world's largest flat-top mountain, known as the Great Sand Dunes.

– The state has the longest continuous paved highway in America, stretching for over 3,000 miles.

– Colorado is home to more than 50 14,000 foot peaks, more than any other state.

– The tallest mountain in Colorado is Mount Elbert, which stands at 14,440 feet tall.

– The state flower of Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Columbine.


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