Cycling from Pallasca to 30 kms past Chuqicara in Peru

The downhill section from Pallasca to Chuqicara is one the the best roads to cycle in Peru if you love scenery, wild landscapes and adventure! Here's my blog post.

Road leading out of Pallasca Peru

The road from Pallasca to Chuqicara

Blog post written August 10th, 2010

Time to leave Pallasca, although not before a nice, filling breakfast!

I was still a little uncertain as to what lay ahead of me in terms of terrain, but I was to be rewarded with a wonderful downhill section lasting several hours.

Dirt road cycling in peru

The dirt road was for the most part in great condition, and best of all, there was hardly any traffic, maybe one vehicle an hour.

Views of the Andes in Peru


The dust thrown up from the road covered the nearby trees, and reminded me of a Christmas scene. Leaving that behind, I was rewarded with some amazing views!

Cycling out of Pallasca


 Not many safety barriers in Peru !

Peru is a unique cycling destination as you can see from this photo taken near Pallasca

Eventually, I rejoined the river in the valley which I had crossed a couple of days before, and the road then continued to follow it downstream, at a gentler angle than from Pallasca, but downhill all the same.

Cycling near Chuqicara in Peru

I passed through several tunnels carved out of the rock face on my descent to Chuqicara.

Passing through tunnels when Cycling near Chuqicara in Peru

About 25 km from Chuquicara, a surprising tarmac road appeared, which was the first meaningful stretch of tarmac I had been on for some while.

more tunnels near Chuqicara in Peru

Sure, a fierce headwind tried to rob me of the joy of it, but it was most welcome all the same!

Crossing a bridge by bicycle in peru

Wild Camp Past Chuqicara

At Chuqicara, I stopped for a late lunch, before heading off again at just gone 14.30. The road heading into the canyon was rocky and not in the greatest shape, but certainly no worse than those roads which I had been cycling since entering Peru.

I made about 30 kms before I called it a night by a secluded spot next to the river. It was a perfect wild camping spot.

Wild camping in Peru


It was very warm, with no need to set the tent up, and laying out at night staring up at the star filled sky, I wondered if one of the tentacle creatures of Plagrimon Six was camped out next to his alien version of a bicycle, looking back down at me.

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