Day off San Vicente Guerro (Rest day)

Taking a rest day on a bike tour sometimes comes with feelings that mix guilt and relief. Still, everyone needs to rest their legs once in a while!

day off in baja

A Day Off in San Vicente Guerro

When I woke up in the morning, I was completely lacking in both energy and motivation. After a bit of an internal debate, I decided to take the day off in San Vicente Guerro. After checking my diary, found that I hadn’t had a day off since twenty four days ago, so I’m not going to feel guilty!

I spent the day eating, watching films, shopping for food, eating it, using the internet, eating, and watching more films. Pretty gruelling stuff.

Annoyingly, my bank has decided to freeze my online banking until I can verify my account, which is going to involve jumping through some hoops. I am sure they make it difficult on purpose.

I worked out my average expenditure for Mexico so far, and somehow I managed to spend an average of 300 pesos a day (15 pounds). This needs to be far closer to the 200 or under mark, so I need to get a grip!

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