Cycling from Las Canadas to San Vicente in Baja California Mexico

It was early days of the Mexico section of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina when I cycled from Las Canadas to San Vicente. Here's my travel blog from the day.

Cycling from Las Canadas in Baja

(Blog post written Nov 6 2009 when cycling Alaska to Argentina)

It rained a little during the night, which wasn’t something that I had expected.

Well, when I say that I didn’t expect it, I mean I didn’t expect rain in Baja in general, although I did notice some dark clouds rolling in just before the sun went down, and so had ‘tarped up’ the tent in preparation.

In the morning, I hit the road earlyish, feeling refreshed for a long nights sleep. There were quite a few hills cycling Las Canadas to San Vicente, and the heat was quite intense, but overall nothing I wasn’t aware of and prepared for.

Cycling Las Canadas to San Vicente

I’ve read a lot of cyclist's travel blogs who were cycling Las Canadas to San Vicente, and a good fifty percent simply don’t bother cycling it and get lifts.

Obviously, I’m going to try not to do that, else I would be just a hitchhiker with a bicycle, and so I will be plodding along through the heat and the hills…. Hmmm, a lift sounds pretty good now I think about it! (Don’t worry, I won’t!).

Here’s a picture of the hills in the distance, although its quite hard to capture the vastness of it all.

cycling Las Canadas to San Vicente
Baja Hills

San Vicente in Baja California

I reached the small town of San Vicente, and found a motel room for 200 pesos. With the exchange rate being approximately 20 pesos to the pound, its reasonable value, although I expect it to get cheaper once I am off Baja and onto the mainland.

It was early afternoon when I had settled in, so I went for a wander around the town, re-supplied some and updated my site on the internet. I spent the evening watching episodes of The Simpsons on my computer.

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