Cycling from Guacamayas to Playa Linda Ixtapa in Mexico

Continuing my bike tour through Mexico as part of my Pan American cycling expedition, today I cycled from Guacamayas to Playa Linda, Ixtapa.

An early start

(Blog post written Jan 19th 2010)

A seven o'clock start – getting earlier and earlier ! The road wasn't too bad today, and traffic reasonably light. Just that 120 kms of cycling in the heat is a touch weary. Especially as my bike had decided to refuse to change gear. It seemed there was a problem with the STI shifters.

Playa Linda, Ixtapa

Playa Linda, Ixtapa

By LuidgerLuidger, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I reached Playa Linda, which is just north of Ixtapa, and found the RV site, where camping is 70 pesos a night. Talking to someone as i checked in, apparently a tourist had been shot in the morning, riding his bike down the road from the camp I had just ridden up. Ace.

I've checked in for two nights, in order to give me tomorrow to play with the gears on my bike, and hopefully persuade it to start playing the game again!

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