Cycling from Coleta de Campas to Guacamayas in Mexico

January 18th – My Birthday! This day's bike ride took me from Coleta de Campas to Guacamayas in Mexico as part of my Pan American Bike Tour.

Birthday cycle ride

(Blog post written January 18th 2010)

Happy Birthday to me !! Thirty eight years young today. Hmmm, probably best not to think too deeply about gaining another year, my place in the universe etc etc. Suffice to say, that I am fit, healthy and happy, and that will do me !

A good day's cycling, and although hot, the terrain was kind to me. In the town of Guacamayas, I found a hotel with air-con at a reasonable price for my birthday treat, as yesterdays accommodation sucked so badly. I’ll be back to slumming it very soon though!

Sweaty Balls

On a more personal note, (and those who may be offended my crudity should probably stop reading now), these last few days of sweat drenching cycling have caused a bit of a problem. Namely, sweaty balls syndrome.

Now, that’s not actually the problem. The issue lays in when I finish cycling, and get out of my cycling shorts to take a shower, as it feels like my nut sack has been rubbed with sandpaper for 6 hours.

If I can just work out what the Spanish for ‘I need some Napisan’, things would be a lot more comfortable. Note to self – Get a Brooks saddle next time!

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