How to work while traveling by picking up jobs locally

Who wouldn't want to be making money as they travel around the world? Here's our list of the best travel jobs you can pick up when traveling the world.

How to work as you travel around the world

Finding A Job On The Road

Backpackers and travelers have been working their way around the world for decades (literally and figuratively). I've done it myself – whether being a nightclub bouncer in Sweden, potato harvesting in Canada, or grape picking in Kefalonia.

Nowadays, people's first thoughts when it comes to work and travel are to get online jobs. They might even think that seasonal or temporary physical work is old school. Don't knock it though!

Digital nomad jobs might be all the rage right now, but taking on seasonal jobs like working in a bar, fruit picking, or being a tour guide can be a lot more fun. It's a heck of a lot more social too!

Making wine in Kefalonia

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Best Travel Jobs

In this guide to the best jobs you can do as you travel, we'll steer clear of the typical digital nomad type jobs – freelance writing, social media management, online coaching and the like. I've already covered that in this guide to digital nomad jobs for beginners.

Instead, here are some examples of seasonal work and temporary jobs that don't involve remote work, but that you can still do as you travel the world.

1. Work at hostels

This is the classic backpacker's job! You've probably already got this on your work to look out for list, but it's worth mentioning again.

You're not really going to need any special skills for the work involved here – Washing dishes, cleaning rooms, and manning the reception desk. It's not very glamourous work, but it's a good way to meet people and learn about new places.

Most times there may be little or no money involved, but you'll get free accommodation.

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2. Working in a bar or cafe

Working holiday visas in some countries have enabled economies to make the most of travelers. It's often said that there are more Australian bartenders in London than in Australia!

If you've got hold of a working holiday visa, bar work is definitely a good travel job if you're social and love working in that sort of environment. You'll be able to earn money not just through the wages, but also tips if you're lucky enough.

3. Working on a farm

If you're looking for work that will put muscles on your bones (and maybe even some dirt under your nails), look no further than work on farms or vineyards.

cycling from Alaska to Argentina

Some old hands plan their travels around seasonal harvesting in different parts of the world. The work can be tough, but if you're fast enough good money can be made. You might also get accommodation thrown in, or subsidized while you're working on the farm.

Working for a couple of months might give you enough money to continue your travels for 3 or 4 months without needing to work for a while.

4. Become a tour guide

There are different types of tour guide work – from giving city tours to leading more adventurous activities like hiking and cycling As a tour guide, you'll get paid a wage, and the tips might also be a nice addition.

Some guides work with agencies and get all their work from them (but will get paid less). Others work independently, and try to pick up work through social media or through friends who might know someone that's looking for a group of people to take out on an adventure.

5. House sit / pet sit

One way to work and travel is to look after other people's property when they're not using it themselves. This can be anything from just keeping an eye on someone's house while they're away, or even looking after pets!

This type of work is not typically paid, but you might get some pocket money in addition to having somewhere free to stay. There are a few websites that can help you find work in this way, such as Trusted Housesitters or Mind My House.

6. Be a au pair

Love kids? Becoming an au pair can be a great way to work and travel to different parts of the world.

You'll receive a place to stay, food, and a weekly pay. To care for the children, you'll have to be around frequently, but you will generally get weekends off and vacation time to travel throughout the country!

7. Work on cruise ships

The work can be anything from being part of the entertainment, waiting tables or cleaning cabins, but it's often hard work with long hours.

One of the good things about working on a cruise ship is that you don't really have much time to spend any money, so you'll end up saving almost everything you earn. How much of the outside world you'll see from the cruise ship is debatable though.

8. Teaching English

If you're a native English speaker or have some teaching experience, teaching English can be an easy way to work in a foreign country. You'll often need to have at least a Bachelor's degree in order to teach English, but sometimes a TEFL certificate (or equivalent) is enough.

There are a few ways to find teaching work: you can go through an agency, or contact schools directly. You can also search for an English teaching job online or maybe on job boards specific to the country you want to travel in.

9. Barista

This is a great way to work in a foreign country, as you'll often need little more than speaking the language fluently to get the job. Plus, coffee is loved the world over, so you're sure to make some friends with this one!

You can search for barista jobs on job websites or through agencies. You can also go into coffee shops and ask if they're hiring.

10. Retail work

Similar to barista work, retail jobs are often easy to come by in other countries, and all you need is some knowledge of the language. Plus, who doesn't love a good shopping spree every now and then?

There are a few ways to find retail work: you can go through an agency, or contact stores directly. You can also search for retail jobs online.

11. Event work

Event work can be anything from working at a music festival to helping out at a conference. The hours are usually long, but the pay is good and you'll often get free food and drinks as well.

You can find event work through agencies, or by contacting event planners directly. You can also search for event work online.

12. Temp worker

If you're flexible with your job options, then temp worker could be a great way to work while traveling. You'll generally need to have some skills or experience in the industry that you're looking to work in, but there are a lot of temp jobs available in a wide range of industries.

You can find temp work through agencies, or by contacting temp agencies directly. You can also search for temp work online.

13. WWOOFing

WWOOFing is a program where you work on organic farms in exchange for food and accommodation. It's a great way to learn about farming practices and to see different parts of the world.

You can find WWOOFing opportunities through participating farms, or through online WWOOFing groups.

13. Travel Nurse

This is an option only available to nurses, but if you're already working as one, then it can be a great way to travel. You'll need to be able to commit for at least six months (many times more), but the benefits are good and you'll experience lots of different places!

You can find these jobs through hospitals or agencies that specialise in this kind of work.

14. Street performer

I've heard from a few friends who have done this, and it sounds like a great way to make money while working on your performance skills. These kinds of jobs are usually found at busking points around the city (I would suggest the subway or popular tourist destinations).

buskers in athens greece will be affected by new covid measures

14. Flight Attendant

This is a great job for anyone who loves to travel, as you'll get to visit new places all the time. The hours are long and the work is hard, but it's a dream job for many people. You can find flight attendant jobs through agencies or online job websites.

15.  Volunteer Work

While you might not earn money as you travel through volunteering, you can often make a little extra cash and perhaps get free accommodation. There are tons of great volunteer opportunities around the world, many with an element of training or skill building included.

16.  Tour Guides

In some countries, it might be able to pick up work as a tour guide. You'll be able to gain skills in the history of the place you're travelling through, all while making money!

Of course, you'll need expert knowledge of the place you're based in if you find jobs showing people around a city. Why not get in touch with tour companies to see what jobs they might have on offer?

17. Camp Councillor

If you're looking for a more active way to work while traveling, then consider becoming a camp councillor! You'll usually need some prior experience or qualifications, but it can be an amazing way to see the world.

17. Scuba Diving Instructor

This is another one that's only possible for certain people, but if you are a qualified scuba diving instructor, then you can travel all around the world while making money. Many countries need seasonal workers who can teach other to scuba dive, so it could be a perfect opportunity for you!

18. Moving vehicles for car rental companies

Sometimes, car rental companies need people to move cars from one area to another in a country. This happens when more cars accumulate in one place and are needed elsewhere in the country.

Sometimes, a car rental company may pay cash for you to drive a car from one side of a country to another – and you get a road trip for free!

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FAQ About Jobs To Do While Traveling

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about work while traveling:

What kind of jobs can you do while traveling?

You can go around the world working two types of jobs. One, is to stick to online jobs which you can do no matter what country you are in, and the other is to pick up casual work in each country you are visiting.

How can I make money while traveling?

Building an online business which can produce an income on a consistent basis is the best way to make money while traveling. Many people start a travel blog or drop shipping business.

How do you get work done while traveling?

Personally, I prefer to get my work out of the way during the first few hours of the day. Once I've achieved what I want to accomplish, I have the rest of the day ahead of me and don't need to think about work again.

What is the best way to save money when traveling?

Working a few hours every day as you travel gives you the opportunity to pay for your travel costs and save some money in the process. Many people earn decent money as they travel, whether by picking up work in each country or by taking on freelance work online.

How can I work remotely while traveling?

Remote workers can do a variety of jobs which include being a freelance travel writer, offer business consulting, trading financial securities online, teaching English and more.

In this guide we discussed different types of jobs that can be done while traveling, from hourly work in seasonal events like festivals or conferences to more long-term temporary positions such as flight attendant or au pair. Whatever your preference is, there are plenty of opportunities out there!

No matter what type of job suits your skillset and interests best, remember: There’s no better way than travel to learn about new cultures and customs!

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas of the different types of jobs you can do while traveling to dream destinations around the world. Do some research and see which one would be the best fit for you!

Dreams Jobs to work your way around the world

Finding Jobs Overseas

There are plenty of different kinds of work you could do while traveling such as online jobs, seasonal gigs, and temporary positions so don't be afraid to explore all options available!

Do you have any suggestions on how to use existing skills to make more money as a traveler? Have you tried teaching jobs or picked up work from local job boards in a different country?

We'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below about finding a job overseas so you can give a fellow nomad a helping hand.

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