Leaving Beaver Creek- My first full day of cycling in Canada

My first full day of cycling in Canada, covering my cycle ride from Beaver Creek to Snag Junction. This was part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling out of Beaver Creek in Canada

(Blog post written August 09 2009)

After leaving Alaska the previous day, this would be my first full one of cycling in Canada. And, it was another damp, dreary day!

I scouted around Beaver Creek before leaving for some cheap supplies, but none were to be found.

I ended up with a cookie and a muffin from one place, and a tin of stew from another. One place decided to charge tax, and one didn't.

A shorter day's cycle ride to Snag Junction

I opted for a short day's cycling of only 25 kms, as this would give me more options on places to stay later on on the little section to Whitehorse In addition, the tent needed a bit of time to dry out.

Not much to say about the day's ride, and with 25kms up, I dived into a state run campsite at Snag Junction

I decided to be a bit naughty, and test the grounds about not paying, or in this case, playing the old ‘I haven't got any change routine' and paying only five dollars. This brought the day's total expenditure up to $11.18.

A squirrel joined me on my picnic table, and the food bag was looking so threadbare, I considered setting a snare up so I could have roast squirrel with my noodles.

A squirrel joining me in my first campsite whilst cycling in Canada

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