Cycling from Snag Junction to Lake Creek in Canada

This blog entry covers cycling from Snag Junction to Lake Creek in Canada. The clouds parted, and there was some blue sky!

Cycling in bear country Canada

Cycling in blue sky in Canada?

(Blog post written: Aug 10 2009)

I woke up in the morning to clear blue skies – hurrah! I put the tent in the sun to dry whilst I had breakfast and then packed up and got underway for my normal time of 10.00 am.

Nothing I do seems to make me any earlier! I wasn't sure of the name of the campsite (just Snag Junction I think) I stayed at, but it had served its purpose!

Flat tyre issues

For the third morning running I had a flat tyre, and although its obviously a slow puncture, I couldn't be quite arsed to change the inner tube.

I'll suppose I'll have to at the point that it becomes a real nuisance, but for the time being I have a bet with myself that I can nurse it into Whitehorse.

Cycling to Lake Creek Campground Canada

Today's destination was another state run campground at Lake Creek, with a stop off at White River RV Park to pick up some supplies. 2 kms from the RV park, I came across a sign which said closed for the season. Bugger. No supplies for me!

I was desperately low on food, and so the next few km's I was absorbed with how I was going to make my food last. Suddenly, from nowhere, a service station not marked on any of my maps appeared.

As well as having a fine selection of rocks (very random) from the surrounding area, they also had some basics, so I loaded up, and was much happier, although $13.75 lighter.

Tragically over budget once more. The day's cycling was pretty easy, and at last I could see the countryside I was cycling through, which was great. I reached Lake Creek mid afternoon, and opted for the not paying at all option – which worked just fine.

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