Cycling from Whitehorse to Marsh Lake Campground in Canada

After taking a rest day in Whitehorse, it was time to hit the road and carry on cycling through Canada. The journey resumes!

Cycling out of Whitehorse in Canada

(Blog post written: Aug 15 2009)

I left Whitehorse pretty late for me at 11.00, as I knew I had a short but still tough little ride ahead to Marsh Lake Campground. There was a headwind for most of the way, and the roads were fiddly – up, down, in, out. Fiddly.

I made my target destination of Marsh Lake campground in good time, and set up camp. There wasn't any water available apart from the lake, but a warden stocking up the firewood let me fill my bottles from his container.

David cycled in and stopped for a bite to eat before he carried on for the day.

Because he is keen to do longer distances, (and I know how addictive that can be), it will possibly be the last time that I see him, but people who do trips like this have a habit of bumping into each other again, so who knows.

David on his long distance Pan-American cycle ride

Campfire for the night

I had a campfire going for most of the afternoon and kept myself well fed, deciding that I had better eat some of the ridiculous amount of food I bought in Whitehorse as opposed to just carting it all around.

My star buy is a tub of hot chocolate, although it didn't mention on the tin that after four cups of it you start farting non stop for an hour.

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