Cycling from Manchester State Park to Gualala

Not much to report cycling from Manchester State Park to Gualala. This was part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour.

Cycling to Gualala

I was up and away surprisingly early, and felt really energised. The road to Gualala was easy and non-descript, and the miles passed quickly.

I stopped at the Gualala regional park, and Mark and his friend Ashleen/Ashley? (Ash) soon turned up. There were quite a few mosquitoes which was the only downer on an otherwise chilled out day.

In the evening, Ash went to the supermarket in town and returned with a $2.99 bottle of wine each for us. What a star, and God Bless America !!

Gualala Regional Park

By Stepheng3 (talk). – Own work (Original text: self-made), Public Domain,

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