Cycling from Penonome to La Chorrera in Panama

Today's bike touring blog post entry covers the ride between Penonome and La Chorrera in Panama. Part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour.

Husbands for rent in Panama?

Although I had every intention of cutting the day off at 70 kms, the accommodation prospects did not really allow for that, so I pushed on instead.

husbands for rent

Can someone please call this number and work out what is going on !! A seemingly random sign seen on the side of the road when cycling.

I passed by a nice display of industrial art. I particularly liked the huge Penny Farthing – If it ever becomes available in pink, I am getting one !!

La Chorrera in Panama

I eventually ended up some 120 kms from my start point at the slightly grubby city of La Chorrera.

It was another big day, but at least I didn't feel as though I had just had the shit kicked out of me, like I did on the previous two cycling days.

The rear wheel had a slow puncture again, and as it already had eleven patches on the inner tube, I deemed it time to use one of the nine (yes, nine) other inner tubes I am carrying.

I got an early night, with the plan that I would get a nice early start in order to cycle into Panama City before nine.

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