Cycling from San Marcos to Marquelia in Mexico

Today's section of cycling covered the distance between San Marcos and Marquelia in Mexico. Part of my Pan American bike tour from Alaska to Argentina.

Cycling from San Marcos, Mexico

Blog post written Jan 26 2010

I began cycling from San Marcos in Mexico, and met the first Pan-American cyclist coming in the opposite direction that I had seen for a long time.

We had a good roadside chat for well over an hour before parting ways again, and as always, I was filled with a new enthusiasm for the road ahead.

San Marcos in Mexico
IvanovicHacker [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps as a consequence of the meeting, I found the day's cycling straight forwards, and after a lunchtime stop for a good fish meal, I eventually made Marquelia for just after 14.00.

Another cheapy hotel, which was fully tiled, with metal doors, windows and a fan. I used the internet in a little place just opposite which had a good connection at 10 pesos an hour.

Visitors to my site are holding steady at about 300 a day… Now, I just need to find a way to boost that to 3000 visitors a day!

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