Cycling from Yantzaza to Zamora in Ecuador – Bike Touring

This blog post entry was written when cycling in Ecuador, and covers the day's ride between Yantzaza and Zamora. Part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour.

Biking to Zamora in Ecuador

Blog post written 1st July 2010

With only a short day on the cards, there was no need to leave mega early, so a leisurely breakfast, followed by answering a few emails filled the time in nicely to 10.00 when I hit the road. 

According to my map, it was a distance of 60 km, but I’m not sure how accurate that was, as I totalled only two and a half hours of cycling. The terrain wasn’t too challenging though, so perhaps it was correct.

A big clock on the hillside near Zamora

Cycling into Zamora, my attention was drawn to a huge clock on the hillside which was pretty unique.

Finding somewhere to stay was really easy, and I was soon settled in. I have been trying to shake off a cold these last few days, and I hope I can get rid of it overnight.

Tomorrow's cycling to Loja looks to be extremely demanding, as I need to cycle uphill over 2000 metres in 65 km as I get back up the Andes, and its going to be tough, even if I am 100%.

The plaza in Zamora in Ecuador

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