Cycling from El Pangui to Yantzaza in Ecuador

During my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina, I spent nearly two months cycling in Ecuador. This blog post covers the day's ride between El Pangui to Yantzaza.

Rio Zamora when Cycling from El Pangui to Yantzaza in Ecuador - Bike Touring

Short day's cycle to Yantzaza

Blog post written June 30th 2010

Rather than putting in a long day's cycling, I decided to do another half day and cycled to Yantzaza. There were some hills initially, but nothing compared to the hard work a few days ago, and once more the road was paved all the way.

The scenery was all green, and for a lot of the way, I cycled through a valley with a river over on my left.

Even after starting at 08.15, and stopping for breakfast in the small town of Los Encuentros, I was still done by 11.11 (There was a clock on the road just outside the hotel I booked into).

Tomorrow should be another short and easy day to Zamora, although the day after to Loja promises to be a lot harder, as I will need to cycle back up part of the Andes once more.

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