Cycling from San Marcos to Cajabamba

Today’s cycle route from San Marcos to Cajabamba in Peru was challenging due to the total elevation gain of the day. Here’s my blog post. Leaving San Marcos, Peru This blog post was written July 31st 2010 as part of my bike tour from Alaska to Argentina. Not a great nights sleep, as two people … Read more

Cycling from Cajamarca to San Marcos in Peru

Continuing my bike tour through Peru, today’s route took me from Cajamarca to San Marcos. Twisting roads and roast guinea pig were highlights of the day!   Cycling Cajamarca Peru I was out of the hotel by 07.00, as I wanted to clear Cajamarca before the town became too busy. A gentle downhill back to … Read more

Yet Another day off in Cajamarca

My last day off in Cajamarca in Peru, where I was resting to prepare for more cycling through the mountains. Part of my Alaska to Argentina bike tour. Final day In Cajamarca Today had a really quiet feel to it, seeming very much like a lazy Sunday. In hindsight, this might have been a good … Read more

Independence Day in Peru 28 July

The 28th of July is a national holiday in Peru, and so I took a day off in Cajamarca to see what might happen. Blog post from my Alaska to Argentina bike tour. Independence Day in Peru Blog post written 28th July 2010 I had hoped for there to be some parades or fiesta in … Read more

Another day off in Cajamarca when cycling in Peru

I had arrived in Cajamarca at a fiesta time for Peru Independence Day, so took the opportunity to have a few days off from cycling. Here’s what I got up to. Sightseeing in Cajamarca Blog post written July 27th 2010 This morning there was some sort of celebration with some marching, and people wearing suits … Read more