Cycling from a random Junction to Jaco in Costa Rica

Continuing my bike tour through Costa Rica as part of my Alaska to Argentina bicycle tour, today I cycled from a random junction to Jaco.

The rain in Costa Rica

Rain for the first time in months!

Today's 120 kms of cycling was neither tough or easy, it just had to be done, and it takes a bit of time to cover that sort of distance.

I’ve drastically increased the amount of liquid I take on board whilst cycling now, which involves stopping every ¾ of an hour or so and buying a cold drink, which adds a bit of time on also.

It was pretty overcast for most of the day, which meant that the temperature didn’t get too much above 32 degrees – Still very hot of course, but a big difference to 37 degrees.

The clouds also bought with them a blessing in the form of rain. Rain ! I haven’t cycled in rain for months, and I cant tell you how good it felt. Sure, I was soaked through to the skin yet again, but a pleasant change from sweat !

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Jaco in Costa Rica

Making my destination of Jaco, which at one point was a surfer town but is gradually turning into any other high rise holiday spot, I found somewhere to camp.

6 Dollars is a bit high, but still far cheaper than a room in a place like this. Just as I got into the campground, the heavens opened again.

Inconvenient, but ok, as I stood in a sheltered area, and began to suss out where didn’t flood too badly.

As the rains poured, most of the campground was soon under several inches of water, but an ideal area was revealed to me which was unflooded.

When the rains stopped, the surface water soon drained away, and I set my tent up. There was a pretty good chance it might rain during the night, but at least I knew that I shouldn’t be under water if it got too bad… I definitely don’t need a repeat of Standish Hickey !

Jaco in Costa Rica

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