Cycling from Nicoya to A Junction Town in Costa Rica

Continuing my bike ride through Costa Rica, today I cycled from Nicoya to some random junction town. Here's my blog post from the day.

Dodgy computer repairs

Blog post written: April 10th, 2010

Not much joy on the computer fixing front, although I did work out that one of the ‘alt’ keys must be dodgy to keep leaping into shortcuts.

With that in mind, I downloaded a little program, and disabled that particular key.

Now, the computer doesn’t have strange screens popping up, which is good, but unfortunately the ‘o’ key is still not working, which is not so good. Its remarkable how many words have the letter ‘o’ in them.

The day's cycling in Costa Rica

The friendship bridge near Nicoya, Costa Rica

Onto the cycling, and a pretty straight forwards day, where again I took plenty of time to eat and drink along the way.

I crossed over the friendship bridge, which I was hoping would be very photogenic – It wasn’t. A very nice piece of engineering all the same though.

At about where the road out of the peninsular joined up with the main Pan Am 1 highway, I started looking for somewhere to stay, and found a place with a few kilometres.

The sign said Cabinas, so I went in to check them out.

They were pretty awesome rooms at 20 dollars each, or I could camp for 4 dollars.

Well, actually, the choice was – Sit in an air-con room and use the free wifi, warm shower and lay on a real bed, or sit outside in the dirt and the heat by my tent for 5 hours until it got dark, and then sweat inside the sauna like tent for another 4 hours until it became cool enough to sleep.

I took the room.

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