Day off from the bike tour in Standish-Hickey

The storms overnight brought lots of rain and danger as tree branches fell to the ground. Forecast to continue through the day, I took the day off at Standish-Hickey.

Day off in Standish-Hickey - Weathering the storm

Heavy storms overnight

Rain stopped play, and the sponge had never seen so much use! Over night, there were 50 MPH winds which brought branches crashing down from the trees overhead, and threatened to blow the tent clean over.

Then the rains started, and quite torrential they were too.

Apparently, this weather front is a left over typhoon which has blown onto the west coast, and that San Franscisco had been hit hard.

Waiting out the weather

There were a few other cyclists at the campground too, so we were all in the same position of trying to keep everything as dry as possible while we sat out the day.

I swapped films with a couple of people, and also managed to charm the WiFi password out of the waitress in the store over the road. For future travellers it is ‘northspur’. I was not too sure what tomorrows weather will bring, so decided to play it by ear.


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