Acrothea Hotel in Parga – Explore Parga From Acrothea Hotel

Acrothea Hotel in Parga kindly hosted me for two nights during my 2016 bicycle touring trip from Greece to England. Here's why I recommend staying at Acrothea Hotel, and what there is to see and do in Parga.

Acrothea Hotel in Parga

Acrothea Hotel in Parga

During my 2016 bicycle tour from Greece to England, I was fortunate enough to be hosted by Acrothea Hotel in Parga. This gave me an opportunity to take a day off from cycling, and take a look around a town I had been meaning to visit for a long time.

A guide to a day in Parga in Greece

Parga is located on the north-west coast of mainland Greece. It has a laid-back feel to it, and has a lot to offer in a compact area.

Do a quiet bay, Venetian castle, old town, and unspoiled beaches appeal to you? They certainly did to me!

I really enjoyed my day there, and wish it could have been longer in order to have seen a great deal more.

Acrothea Hotel

Let's start with Acrothea Hotel. It has an almost perfect position just up from the sea-front, with the sea-view rooms having some great views.

It has a terrace area which is also an ideal spot to enjoy breakfast, and take in the surroundings. Recently constructed in 2008, it is thoughtfully designed, and set out over different levels.

The interior of the rooms are also amazing. You can check out the video below to see what I mean!

As far as hotels go in Parga, this one has to be the best. Even when I was asking random locals for directions, they would say ‘That is a very good hotel'. In fact, I didn't really want to leave!

If you are planning a trip to Parga, check out Acrothea Hotel first! It is part of the Guest Inn network, which brings together a range of hand-picked accommodation from around Greece.

What To See In Parga

So, what is there to see and do in Parga then? Well, after talking with Dimitris the owner of Acrothea Hotel in Parga, it seemed like the list was endless!

Not only does it have two castles nearby, but there are also other centuries old buildings, hikes, hidden beaches, nearby mountains, and much more. In the winter, you can even ski!

With my time in Parga being unfortunately all too short, I was able to only do a small fraction of things. It is quite easy to see why someone would want to stay a week or longer in Parga!

Below, are some of the photos and videos I took during my stay to give you a feel for the place. For a more comprehensive list of things to see in Parga, Acrothea Hotel have this very useful Guide to Parga.

The hike up to St. Helen's Church is worth it, simply for this stunning view over Parga, Greece

The hike up to St. Helen's Church just outside of Parga is worth it, simply for this stunning view. As any local to point you in the right direction. The video I have included also shows which sign to look for.

It goes without saying that the Castle also has to be visited! This is Venetian in origin, and has undergone several redevelopments over the centuries. It's easy to see how essential this castle was in controlling the bay area.

The castle in Parga, Greece

Where To Eat In Parga

There are also plenty of places to eat in Parga! The Sakis Restaurant is highly recommended. This family run restaurant has been in business since 1954, and they know what they are doing! I enjoyed a lovely meal there at the end of the day, and even met Mama, who runs the kitchen.

Sakis Restaurant in Parga Greece

I wish I had longer to spend at Parga, but the road called me once more, and the next day I was due to cycle towards Albania.

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Thanks very much Acrothea hotel in Parga for hosting me!

Explore peaceful Parga in Greece from Acrothea Hotel

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