Cycling From Greece To England – Bicycle Touring Trip

In 2016, I started a bike tour cycling from Greece to England. Over two and a half months I cycled across Europe covering nearly 3000 kms. 

Cycling From Greece To England

If you are a regular reader of Dave's Travel Pages, you will already know that I have a passion for bicycle touring. (My previous cycling trips have included cycling from Alaska to Argentina, and England to Cape Town).

When cycling in Croatia, you are always rewarded with stunning views for your hard work!

You may also know that I have been living in Greece for just over a year. In my mind, this meant that a bicycle tour from Greece to England would be almost inevitable!

If you are a less frequent reader though, cycling from Greece to England might sound like a bizarre idea. It's quite a long way after all, and it's not exactly flat.

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Who in their right mind would want to do that, and why? Just who is this crazy Englishman? I hope to explain all that and more…

About Dave Briggs

First of all, let me introduce myself. Just in case the title of the blog didn't make it clear enough, my name is Dave. I am English, aged 44, and currently living in Athens, Greece. (If you would like to find out more about me, you can check this article out – About Dave Briggs).

Why Bicycle Touring?

I realised almost 15 years ago that bicycle touring was the best way to travel and see the world. It lets you move through a country at a pace slow enough to experience everything around you, and yet fast enough to cover reasonable distances in a week. Bicycle touring takes you off the beaten track, and lets you explore areas few other tourists ever get to see.

It's a great way to meet local people, to make lasting connections, to taste the food, and to gain a deeper insight into a country. Bicycle touring is environmentally friendly, economical, and also a great way to keep fit. It is both challenging and rewarding.

Would You Take A Cycling Trip Across Europe?

Are you sold on taking a tour on two wheels yet? I hope so! You see, the whole point of this blog, is to provide travel inspiration.

I want to show you that there is an entire world of wonder just outside of what you think is your comfort zone. That countries you would not normally think of visiting are just as fascinating as mainstream tourist destinations.

In fact, this blog shouldn't be called Dave's Travel Pages, it should be called “Hey, you can do this too!!“.

Anyway, here's the information you most likely came here for, which is about cycling from Greece to England.

Cycling from Greece to England. Read the full article to find out more about this bicycle touring adventure.


Cycling From Greece to England 2016

I started my bike tour on the second weekend in May 2016. I had already worked out a rough best route, and estimated that it would take me around 73 days to cycle from Greece to England.  

The long distance bike touring route across Europe I followed passed through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, France, and finally England.

Pre-Departure Bike Touring Blog Posts

During the build up to the trip, I had to select bike touring gear, a cycling route, and of course decide on what bike to use! Here's the bike touring blog posts about cycling from Greece to England I published before the tour began.

Bike Touring Vlogs Greece to England

This was the first time I had really made vlogs during a bike tour. It was a bit of a learning curve to say the least!

I challenged myself to not only do the cycling, but also release and upload a vlog a day from the bicycle tour across Europe. It was pretty full on, but I did it!

You can find the bike touring vlogs from the Greece to England ride on my Youtube channel

Be warned – there's hours of material here! You'll want several cups of tea to get through them all.

Blog Posts on Cycling From Greece To England

Here is a list of bicycle touring blog posts that I've written about the trip so far. More will get updated in the future.

Bicycle Touring in Greece – Cycling from Athens to Messolonghi

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2 days in Dubrovnik – What to see and do during 2 days in Dubrovnik

Bicycling in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Updates on what will be a very short cycling trip through this country!

Cycling in Croatia – Updates on my experiences cycling in Croatia

Cycling in Slovenia – Updates on my experiences cycling in Slovenia

Big Berry Campsite Review – A luxury campsite in Slovenia has kindly offered to host me for a couple of nights in exchange for an honest review

2 Days in Bratislava – What to see and do during 2 days in Bratislava

2 Days in Budapest – What to see and do during 2 days in Budapest

Cycling the Danube Trail in Reverse From Bratislava – I will follow the Danube cycling path from Bratislava into Germany

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Cycling in England – Updates on  my experiences cycling in England

Camping Gear

During this bike tour, I took along a tent and other camping equipment. As this was a short tour compared to my previous long distance routes, wild camping was not a priority for me. I did, however, stay at campsites along the way.

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  1. I wish you luck in your trip. It will be one in a lifetime trip. I want to make such trip one day but for now the maximum I can cycle per day is around 100 km. which is not enough at all. Such stories inspire me to think about making such trip on my own. Thank for sharing your great article Dave, I will keep checking your blog. Cheers, ALEK

  2. I guess if ‘brexit’ will be a go you’ll be stuck in the middle of what brits seems to dislike.

    Please be Europe’s ambassador. Please show us how much ‘brexit’s’ ideology is wrong. Please don’t let our parents efforts; of a peaceful post-ww2; be ignored by nonsense.

    I’m just sooooo much worried about the ‘brexit’ that I amost forgot to whish you the best for your upcomming trip 🙂

    Have fun!


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